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Clarus Corporation

Salt Lake City, UT

October 2020

Advocacy for women’s equal participation and representation in the outdoor industry continues to grow. Forbes reported that women’s outdoor sports purchasing power compared to men continues to increase, and given that women represent half of the population, we can’t overlook our business recommendations and decisions within the industry.

Margo Hayes, globally known as one of the best female climbers, and other professional climbers such as Megan Martin and Olivia Hsu, are encouraging women to take up the sport. World-renowned skiers Caroline Gleich and American professional freeskier Angel Collinson are also sending a strong message that women can ski just as hard as their male counterparts.

As a leading developer, manufacturer, and distributor of best-in-class outdoor equipment, including the iconic brand Black Diamond, why are there no women on your board? We’re asking you to take the lead to put women on your board.

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Eagle, ID

September 2020

Idaho based PetIQ (NASDAQ PetQ) is a $700 million provider of veterinary services and manufacturer of pet prescription meds, over the counter treatments, supplies, and treats. PetIQ serves over 1 million animals in veterinary clinics located in 41 states and manufactures 1,200 pet health and wellness products through clinics and leading retailers across the country. Even though women are more likely to own a pet than men and assume more responsibility for pet wellness, there is no woman director on the PetIQ board. We suggest that they sharpen their business IQ and add women to their board of directors. Fido and Fluffy agree!



Jericho, NY

August 2020

During these dog days of summer, we’re thinking hotdogs, specifically, Nathan’s Famous Hot Dogs (NASDAQ NATH), a Coney Island, New York institution dating back to 1916. Last year alone, 700 million Nathan’s Famous hotdogs were sold in 78,000 locations across the US. They have become an American icon, an eat-in-the-street favorite. So, the appointment on June 8 of Andrew Levine to Nathan’s Famous all-male board passes no muster with us. It’s time to grill Nathan’s Famous on the lack of diversity on their board – and what better time than just before their Annual Shareholder’s meeting on September 15! Let’s tell Famous Nathan’s to get with the times and add women to their board.



Fort Worth, TX

June 2020

In the age of COVID-19, in states across the country, pawnshops are considered an essential business, helping credit-constrained consumers turn their unused possessions into much-needed cash. It surprises us that FirstCash, Inc. (NASDAQ, FCFS) the leading operator of pawnshops in the US and Latin America, with 2700 retail locations and 20,000 employees, has no women on its board. This Fort Worth, TX company doesn’t realize that women directors help companies make better decisions, minimize risk, and strengthen the bottom line. FirstCash, please make the essential decision to put women on your board so that your board will reflect the diversity of your customers, employees, and shareholders.




May 2020

In 2018, California passed the first-ever law to require companies headquartered in the state to add women to their boards. Still, as of June 2019, 36 of the 444 California companies on the Russell 3000 Index had no women directors. Today, 31 of those companies have now complied with the law, adding 34 women to their boards. But these five California companies still do not have a woman director on board: A10 Networks, Inc., Cryoport, Inc., Dasan Zhone Solutions, Inc.; Enphase Energy, Inc. and Sigma Designs, Inc. These companies defy best governance practices and disregard the law at great cost to shareholders. We wonder why?

Please send the attached email to these four companies urging them to add women to their boards. It’s not just the right thing to do, it’s the business-smart thing to do.



Johns Creek, GA

February 2020

Ebix (NASDAQ:EBIX) is a global supplier of on-demand software and e-commerce solutions to the insurance, financial and health care industries. Founded in 1976, Ebix employs over 9,000 professionals and provides products and services to thousands of customers on six continents. Its technology may be forward thinking, but its all male board and senior leadership team demonstrate the company’s outdated governance practices. Ebix: join the ranks of enlightened companies and diversify your company’s leadership. It’s time to put women on your board.


Hamilton Beach

Southern Pines, NC

December 2019

Chances are, if your mother cooked with an electric coffee maker, blender or toaster, it was made by Hamilton Beach, the well-known household products company. Founded in 1910, the company now designs, markets, and distributes small electric appliances and commercial products for restaurants, bars, and hotels under the brands Hamilton Beach and Proctor Silex. It prides itself on its “Good Thinking Culture” but apparently they haven’t thought about putting women on their 11-member all male board. Like all companies whose primary customers and users are women, it only makes sense to have women directors. Gentlemen, please think again. It’s time Hamilton Beach joined the 21st Century and put women on your board.


Seaboard Corporation

Shawnee Mission, KS

November 2019

Seaboard Corporation (NYSE: SEB) is a diverse agriculture business and shipping conglomerate celebrating 100 years of operation. From its humble roots in Atchison, Kansas, where it first operated a flour mill, the company has grown its milling operations throughout the world and today is the second-largest pork producer in the United States. What it’s not producing is women leaders. With no women directors and only one woman corporate officer, we urge Seaboard to place women on board and provide pathways for women to succeed as executives.


Saga Communications

Grosse Pointe Farms, MI

September 2019

Half of all radio listeners are women, but that hasn’t motivated Saga Communications (SGA: NASDAQ) to diversify its board of directors. The broadcast company, with its all-male board, owns over 100 top-billing radio stations across the country. Saga’s board should reflect its audience. It’s time Saga Communications put women on its board.



Reno, NV

August 2019

Amerco (UHAL: NASDAQ), the parent company of U-Haul, is the leader in do-it-yourself moving. The company, co-founded by a woman, has an all-male board of directors. Legend has it that in 1945 Anna Marty Carty Shoen and her husband Sam tried to rent a trailer to move their belongings from Los Angeles, CA to Portland, OR. When they couldn’t find one, they started U-Haul. Today U-Haul has more than 21,000 locations in all 50 states and 10 Canadian provinces. U-Haul, honor Anna and do the right thing. Put women on your board.


Cogent Communications

Washington, DC

June 2019

Cogent Communications is one of the top five Internet service providers in the world, doing business in over 202 major markets and 43 countries. Despite their huge reach, they are not reaching out to women. There are no women on the Cogent Communications board of directors, and according to their website, no women on their management team. Gender diversity in the boardroom is a global issue. Cogent needs to abandon its good old boy culture and create one that’s inclusive, diverse, and reflects the world we live in.



Atlanta, GA

May 2019

GreenSky, Inc., one of the top 25 IPOs of 2018, helps businesses grow by allowing them to offer credit to their customers for things like home improvements and solar installations. It provides a link between contractors, consumers and banks and has helped finance over one million home improvement projects. GreenSky needs to do its own home improvement: it needs to add women to its board. The company says that it wants to be able to listen and learn, adapt and change. It’s time to adapt to good governance practices and change the composition of its board. Let’s see if they listen.


Rev Group

Milwaukee, WI

March 2019

REV Group (NYSE:REVG) is a leading designer, manufacturer and distributor of fire, commercial, and recreational vehicles. From fire engines to ambulances, school busses to street sweepers, they build some of the most recognizable names within their served markets. Rev Group says it “drives to lead the way.” With an all male board and leadership team we think they’re asleep at the wheel. Rev Group, put the pedal to the metal and add women to your board.



Morris Plains, NJ

February 2019

Immunomedics (NASDAQ: IMMU) is a pharmaceutical company dedicated to innovative immunotherapies in the treatment of cancer, autoimmune, and other serious diseases. The company, committed to scientific excellence, says that a diverse, skilled, and creative workforce drives its success. Another success driver would be the addition of women to its all-male board. Women directors may be just the therapy IMMU needs to successfully bring its products to market.


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